Supergirl by Michael Turner

I know, it’s considered impolite to speak ill of the dead, but if they keep publishing a dead person’s work, what am I supposed to do?  Go back in time to critique it when they were still alive?  By most accounts Michael Turner was a fine human being, and all things considered he was a pretty talented artist, whose covers helped sell books.  You can tell by looking at his better work that he understood anatomy… but he clearly didn’t always think about it, and the things he did to characters’ bodies when he got sloppy spoiled the work.

This is a pin-up that DC exhumed for the 50th issue of the latest Supergirl series.  The breasts look like human breasts, which is refreshing.  The folds and draping of the costume, and the wind-blown hair, are art-school “A-” work.  But she has a torso that’s elongated like she’s been snorting gingold.  Notice that her right (our left) shoulder is slightly higher than her left, but her right hand hangs lower, despite being extended away from her body.  Her lips are too low, too close to her jaw, which is a chronic rookie mistake.  While we’re at it, the eyes are just a bit too far apart, a combination of errors that made her look creepy rather than cute.  And that superskinny neck would need Kryptonian muscles to hold her head up.

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