Enchantress by Rob Liefeld

I don’t know much about this Enchantress character… but I’m pretty sure Rob Liefeld drew her legs too long, and her torso here is incapable of supporting life, let alone her upper body. Centering her head on her shoulders and balancing her breasts helps, as does fixing the lengths of her arms and enlarging one of her hands. The costume and hairstyle are more than a little silly too, but that’s a design decision, not an illustration problem, so I’m leaving them pretty much as is. The dialog hurts, and I can’t help that. But I simply had to redraw her foot.

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10 Responses to Enchantress by Rob Liefeld

  1. james says:

    enchantress became fat?

  2. Genevieve says:

    HAHAH!! What is going on here?! Seriously, Liefeld? Come on, how could you even bring yourself to pass this one off?

    I think perhaps he views women through the reflection of a Fun House mirror.

    Good job on the fix! =D

  3. Kristen says:

    I’m dissatisfied with the “fixed” picture; the original was at a 3/4 angle, closer to being a body profile than a front-facing picture.

    However, the original is terrifying. when were stilt legs ever sexy? That old rule of thumb to make people “7-8 heads tall” is creepily disregarded here.

    • Maral says:

      Thing is, her feet (and shoulders) aren’t at the same 3/4 angle as her hips in the original. They’re both at a shallower angle.

      The only thing wrong I see with the fixed version is the too-thin neck and the odd placement of her right hand; doesn’t look like she’s resting it on her hip.

  4. Matt says:

    In your fixed picture her legs are still twice as long as they should be. Furthermore, her torso is too short, if you cover her legs so you only see what’s above waist, she looks somewhat childlike. Definitely more realistic than the original of course but it has some strange features not necessarily even present in the original.

    • Rufina says:

      I’ve got to wonder what kind of children Matt is around if he thinks the fixed version looks childlike in any way. If that’s childlike then I must have the proportions of a toddler.

    • Jason says:

      I’m not trying to redraw it correctly from scratch, just Photoshopping it to fix the worst problems.

  5. Bender says:

    oh god liefeld why? Bless his heart :P legs are so long she looks like a flamingo or something

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